Huntsville Hardwood Floor Installation Contractors

Huntsville Flooring Installation Contractors

So you’re choosing to have new hardwood floors installed in your home. Great decision! The biggest question now though, is how should it be properly installed? Fundamentally, there are 4 primary techniques that professionals use to install new hardwood flooring. Those principal methods are:

1. Floating, is where the placement of a thin “pad” is arranged between the subfloor and hardwood floor. This type of installation is relatively quick, provides noise reduction, and is easier on your feet.

2. Glue Down, a method where professional flooring adhesives or resins are spread between the hardwood and the subfloor with specific trowels. A professional floor contractor may suggest this option of installation for engineered hardwood flooring products. We only recommend the use of skilled installers for this type of work because the slightest mistake will damage your new floor and irrevocably cancel your warranty.

3. Nail Down, techniques are usually used with plank flooring and solid wood flooring. Professional grade tools are necessary since the entire floor (solid or plank) will be nailed to a wooden subfloor with nailing cleats.

4. Staple Down, installations of this type should only be used when deemed necessary. Many hardwood flooring manufactures require specific staples and staple guns that are compatible with their product.

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